Video: Raccoon vs. Iguana Street Fight Goes Viral


We all know by now Florida is the reigning king when it comes to weird videos, and this raccoon vs. iguana street fight just piles on top of that long list.

If you had a live stream video that was constantly filming in Florida, you would likely be captivated for hours by people and animals doing some real wacky stuff.

Take this video for instance. . .

A raccoon and an iguana got into a bit of a parking lot scuffle one afternoon, and it might just change your perspective on raccoons forever:

A lot of folks think of raccoons as harmless woodland critters, but when there’s food on the line, they can turn into little furry savages. Once the raccoon tore off the iguana’s tail it appeared the fight was near its end. The raccoon took control of the iguana’s back and dragged it off out of the camera’s view. Surely you can guess what happened next.

Everybody needs their greens!

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