Taylor Drury Connects on Dream Iowa Whitetail


When a six-year-old Iowa buck suddenly veers from his strict nighttime only feeding regimen, you pack up all your gear and get after him! That is exactly what Taylor Drury did, and it helped her take down this dream Iowa whitetail.

The Drury Outdoors team has been seeing this buck on their farm since he was about 2½ years old. He’d peruse in front of their cameras giving them a nice look at his antler growth from year to year, but would do so exclusively after the sun went down. Thanks to her father Mark, Taylor has been learning about whitetails likely since she could walk – if not before – and we’ve seen her take some stunning deer in the past, yet even Taylor called this particular deer a “buck of a lifetime.”


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IS THIS REAL LIFE?!?! 😭😍🦌 Someone pinch me. I am so over the moon elated and cannot put into words how much this deer means to me… A hunt I will NEVER forget! We hung a treestand that morning based on several days of daylight pictures of him walking the same path, super close to his core bedding area. He read the absolute script that evening with Wade behind the camera and gave me a 22-yard shot with my @psebows Stealth Carbon Air — Ran less than 70 yards & died in the alfalfa field 🙌🏻🏹 Happy tears were flowing. This 6.5 year old 185 6/8” is my biggest buck with a bow and I am still in shock it all came together so perfectly after hanging & hunting. THANK YOU to my Dad, @waderobinson_druryoutdoors, and @willrobinson__21_druryoutdoors for all of the hard work that allowed me to have this opportunity… I feel undeserving but couldn’t be anymore thankful. It still seems like a dream‼️ Iowa GIANT down & couldn’t be more proud of our team that made it happen!!! God is SO great 🙏🏻 • The FULL backstory, more pictures, and the hunt/kill is posted on DeerCast so check it out + enjoy📱It was nothing short of intense! Sorry in advance for the picture overload that’s about to happen. #phase3 #bbd #iowa #bowseason #femalehunter #booner #hunting #freakingout #freerange #wildgame #whitetail #thankful #deerseason #proudhunter

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According to the journal entry on druryoutdoors.com recalling the story, Taylor got her first glimpse of the buck around 6 p.m. as he made his way out of the darkening timber.

Her heart skipped a beat as the buck slowly closed the distance between himself and Taylor’s double Muddy treestand she set up earlier in the day. But something happened just before he made it to a comfortable yardage for Taylor to get a shot off. A doe caught her making an adjustment as she prepared for a shot, blew and ran away with her white ‘flag’ sticking straight in the air.

That’s it. Hunt over. No hunter ever survives getting busted by a wise old doe.

Except this buck plays by his own rules, and continued onward. Straight. Toward. Taylor.

The deer made it to as close as 22 yards. Taylor drew back her PSE Stealth Carbon Air and held her 20 yard pin on the buck. She released, sending her Rage-tipped arrow directly at her target. The biggest buck of Taylor’s life tipped over in an alfalfa field some 60 yards away.

Congratulations, Taylor!

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