Video: This is How Vortex Optics Does a Jack O’ Lantern Contest


When you work for an optics company, precision is the name of the game. So, when the annual Halloween party pops up again and a Jack O’ Lantern contest is up for grabs, perhaps this “secret technique” will give you an advantage.

In the short clip below, Vortex Optics delivers another instant classic to a growing list of hilarious office-based ‘commercials’:

“Secret technique” indeed! Can you blame the guy, though? When the moment really counts, sticking to your guns can certainly make a glowing difference!

And wouldn’t you know it, he “carved” his design with help from a Vortex riflescope. Well done, Vortex. Well done.

Happy Halloween from the folks over at Vortex Optics!

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