The Top Black Friday Deals For Survivalists


You can learn a lot about a person based on what they do with their money. You can find out a lot about where their allegiances lie and what they are truly dedicated to. As Americans we tend to invest in what matters most to us.

Well, we are ushering in the busiest shopping season of the year and you can use that as a mechanism to learn about your dedication to preparedness and a self-sufficient lifestyle. There will be so much money leaving the hands of consumers that it will be nothing short of blinding.

The virus of black Friday and cyber Monday sales has spread to all retailers. You would be a fool not to take advantage of these great sales! If you are in business, you would be foolish not to have sales of your own. This means that disaster preparedness sites and outdoors retailers are all offering tremendous sales.

Of course, you will be buying toys for the young ones and gifts for other people in your life, but will you set a little money aside to take care of your preparedness goals or needs? We have a collection of great deals for you that span a variety of categories. If you are looking to spend some money on the things that matter, check these out and get prepared on this Black Friday and cyber Monday.

Wise Food Storage

One of the best places to start is by addressing your food storage needs. Wise Company has been creating some of the best food storage options in the business. They have items that fit all your needs and budgets.

If you think there are just food storage deals, they also have solar generators and go bags for sale. The discounts are ranging from 30% off to as much as %60 off!


There may be no other tactical gear company that walks the tight rope of quality and affordability like 3vgear. They offer a ton of great gear with a focus on creating bags for EDC and Bugout applications. Their Paratus 72-hour bag is the best and most affordable bugout bag on the market. Its really that simple. It was designed to be a bugout bag and it excels.

3vgear also offers gun cases, sling packs and a variety of other bags and hydration gear.

They are giving away all sorts of stuff starting now! Their sale lasts till the 26th. If you shop 3vgear from now till the 26th you are going to get extra gear with nearly every purchase and even discounted products from their incredible water filtration sister company HydroBlu.

Emergency Essentials

One of the first online prepper stores to hit it big was Emergency Essentials and they have been in the game for a long time. They have a great reputation and they hit Black Friday harder than most. They are currently running a slew of pre-black Friday sales that run the gamut of preparedness needs. The only things you won’t find here are guns and ammo.

From off grid power supplies to rain barrels to deluxe one-year food supplies, you are going to get deep discounts at Emergency Essentials before and during Black Friday. You would be crazy to not, at least, check them out.

Hardware and Tools

I don’t think we give tools their due in terms of prepping for disaster. Things like saw blades and wood cutting or shaping tools will go a long way in a disaster. Maintenance items for things like chainsaws as well as tarps and rope are all examples of various types of hardware and tools that you should look to stock up on. Of course, a fine axe is always worth buying.

All the big guys will be offering great deals. Lowes and Home Depot will no doubt be offering crazy deals on these tools and their components. However, don’t forget about the local guys who might be offering crazy deals, too!

Think tools when you think survival. They are hard to replicate and will have tremendous value in a disaster.

Outdoors Retailers

The big boys of the outdoors world like Bass Pro and Cabela’s (now a Bass Pro entity) will be the very best place to get deals on guns and ammo. You will also get great deals on camping and other survival gear.

One standout is 500 rounds of 9mm ammo that is going for under $80! Also, Savage is doing another great deal on scoped rifles which are great editions. Smokers, trail cams and great deals on clothing are all available at Cabela’s and Bass Pro this year.

There is a lot more to look forward to and they are even offering online deals right now!

Emergency Tablet

Most every big-name retailer will have a deal on a tablet. While you might be wondering why a tablet would be important, the amount of information you can store on a modern tablet exceeds any ability your home has for storing physical information.

Of course, the need for hard information i.e. books is always going to be there but the sheer amount of information, videos, apps and other great survival tools that can be stored on a tablet is impossible to deny.

A great deal on a tablet means you can create your own digital survival archive that could even include things like your own emergency response plan!


Is it silly? Is it extreme? Of course, it is. Black Friday is an absolute mad house, nut case practice in radical consumerism. Its also a serious bit of American culture and its completely optional. Most of the deals we talked about don’t even require you to leave your home and brave the maniacs.

While you might scoff at the madness, I want you to sit back and consider where your dollars are going this holiday season. I know you have a spouse to buy for and a family to consider but they will look to you in times of disaster. As I mentioned in the beginning of the article, what we spend our money on is what we care about. Its pretty clear.

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