Video: Shark Bites Diver’s Head in Harrowing GoPro Video


In a harrowing GoPro video you’ll definitely want to omit from your memory bank next time you dive in the water, a spearfisherman was bitten by a shark leaving him with gashes on the back of his head and a blood soaked shirt.

3 months ago, Will Krause, 29, was spearfishing off the Abacos Islands in the Bahamas when he had a terrifying encounter with a reef shark.

His friend, Zach Shipps, was capturing some spearfishing footage with his GoPro, when the shark swam right past him with its sights set on Krause. The shark closed in on Will’s backside and struck him in the head/neck.

It’s plausible the shark may have confused Krause for another shark and was attempting to establish dominance by biting his head.┬áThe shark appeared to instantly recognize its mistake and swam off, but had already inflicted a considerable amount of damage.

“I felt a huge impact on my head and my neck,” Krause told NBC News. “I didn’t process it was a shark bite until I got to the surface.”

“I could see a lot of blood around me that was starting to pool up, so I was nervous my time was up.”

Over Thanksgiving, Krause made a Facebook post reflecting back on the incident:

According to Tracking Sharks, the Massachusetts native was transferred by air ambulance to a hospital in Fort Lauderdale for treatment.

Here’s the full video posted by Will Krause to his YouTube channel:

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