Video: Try Not to Cringe When You Watch This Hoyt Dry Fire Test


Full disclosure, we post a lot of videos that might make you want to look away from your screens, and this Hoyt dry fire test is no different.

The first lesson anyone should learn before they even pick up a bow is that dry firing it is a sure way to wreck it, or even worse, wreck yourself. A bow that’s been dry fired could literally explode in your hands, and that can cause serious physical harm.

So, if that’s the case, why does Hoyt dry fire its bows 1,500 times before sending a model to the product line?

Well, it’s all part of a torture test that’s required by company president, Randy Walk, all to ensure you are getting the best possible product Hoyt can produce.

The video below demonstrates one of those torture tests by dry firing a bow over and over again. (Truly cringe worthy!) Along with that test, the bows are also put through a rigorous 1 million draw cycles to prove the design is safe. All of this is done before a bow is even considered for the Hoyt product line.

Bowhunters prepare to shield your eyes, because this one will be tough to watch all the way through to the end:

(Turn up the volume to hear a little excerpt from Randy Walk at the end of the video.)

Okay, that was tough to watch. So to help shake it off, how about some trophy shots with hunters who were using Hoyt’s newest bows this season:


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@bowmarbowhunting #HoytTaggedOut in Ohio with a buck they named TANK. We think the name suited him well. #REDWRX #GetSeriousGetHoyt

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@nockontv putting his #CarbonRX3 to work on this Iowa stud! #REDWRX #GetSeriousGetHoyt #HoytTaggedOut

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