Piers Morgan Debates Trophy Hunting: ‘Let’s Open Trophy Hunter Hunting’


Piers Morgan is once again ruffling feathers in the outdoors/hunting community after he went off on a British hunter during a debate over “trophy hunting.”

Morgan is notorious for blatantly turning a blind eye to the fact that it’s the hunters who play a key role in keeping animal populations healthy around the world, but the stunt he pulled during this segment is taking things to another level.

Listen as Morgan bombards Steve Jones with false information and barely lets him interject at any point:

Good grief. That was difficult to watch, but we’ll attempt to fill in where Jones kept getting interrupted.

The main point trying to be made here, is if you take away legal hunting in areas such as Africa, South Africa, etc… you’re then putting people’s livelihoods and even the species itself at risk, and allowing poachers to come in and kill all the animals in the area.

This is a complicated situation, to say the least, as many people automatically want to dismiss how hunting in Africa is necessary for the animals to survive. Anytime this debate gets brought up, I usually turn to folks like Cam Hanes, who comes with knowledge, experience and has spoke on the subject several times. One of those times was during a podcast with Joe Rogan, where they discussed issues like “trophy hunting” and conservation.

Hanes later shared a shortened clip from the podcast to his Instagram account:


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Not that extreme animal-activists care as mostly they are on board for the social justice cause of the week, but last year there were roughly 400 elephants killed legally by hunters and 30,000 killed by poachers. Think about it. Anti-hunters who fight to stop legal hunting essentially kill more than 10x the elephants hunters do. Also, it should be noted I have never hunted elephants and likely never will but in watching the North American wildfire management model in action I know that #huntingisconservation. By following it we have more elk, deer, bear, etc than we did 100 years ago here in the USA. You can argue that hunting is not conservation but you’re going to look pretty silly. #poachingisnothunting Video by @powerfuljoerogan

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Wouldn’t it be awesome to see Cam sitting across from Piers Morgan while he attempts to spew more misinformation about hunting?

Here’s what that might look like, as Cam refutes Dr. Drew Pinsky during a debate on Cecil the lion:


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Good times with @drdrewpinsky during the Cecil debacle. #keephammering

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