Monterey Bay Aquarium Apologizes For Calling An Otter ‘Thicc’ And ‘Chonky’ on Twitter


California’s Monterey Bay Aquarium apologizes after coming under fire for using colloquial language in a tweet about one of their otters, “Abby.”

The tweet shows a photo of the otter with a caption joking about the animal’s size. However, Christine DeAngelo, the aquarium’s curator of mammals, confirms the otter is 11 years old and weighs a healthy 46 lbs. The animal is also one of five female sea otters at Monterey Bay who trains other pups on skills needed to survive in the wild – like opening clams and mussels as well as grooming their coats.

The Los Angeles Times reports stranded or abandoned sea otters are often brought to the facility and taken care of until they’re mature enough (about 8 weeks old) to be introduced to Abby’s enclosure. After roughly 26 weeks old, the pups are then weened and socialized with other adolescent sea otters before being released back into the wild.

Not long after posting the tweet, the aquarium was called out on Twitter for describing the otter with “language from memes originating in black culture and African American vernacular English (AAVE).”

The outrage grew so quickly that the Monterey Bay Aquarium issued an apology through a string of tweets Wednesday:

So if you came here hoping solely on seeing a cute photo of an otter, sorry, it’s just not that simple these days.

Even after issuing their apology, the aquarium still found themselves in hot water, however the tone of the complaints was a bit different this time around:

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