Video: Grizzly Tearing into a Black Bear Den Shows How Ruthless Grizzly Bears Can Actually Be


You’ve probably heard us talking about how ruthless grizzly bears can be, and this video puts their ferocious behavior on full display.

Logan Hunter was hunting roughly 40 minutes outside of Whitecourt, Alberta, when he and his father pulled up alongside a jaw-dropping scene. From the security of their truck, they watched as a grizzly bear excavated the Earth, tearing into what turned out to be a black bear den containing a sow and her three cubs.

That’s no door you want to go knocking on, but I digress. . .

The grizzly eventually makes some progress digging up the bear den, and then little tiny black bears start spilling out in all directions. The grizzly takes off after one cub who makes a B-line into the woods, and it’s status remains unknown. However, some commentators on the YouTube video suggest the cub made it to safety, as the much larger grizzly would have surely put an end to those cries in a hurry. What do you think?

Watch the video, and determine for yourself:

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