Bigfoot College Course Now in Session


In a move that is sure to help future graduates land their dream job, Virginia based Radford University will have a new course for the fall 2018 semester, and it’s all about Bigfoot.

The course is being taught by Dr. David S. Anderson, who describes himself on twitter as an “Archaeologist specializing in Mesoamerica & Pseudoarchaeology (Atlantis, Ancient Aliens, all that good stuff…).”

For those of you die-hard Bigfoot believers looking to see one up close, this course might not be exactly what you hoped for. . .

Dr. Anderson shared some additional details with his twitter followers:

“It will be part of the University’s critical thinking general education courses. I used to teach this subject from a strict skeptical “it’s not true” approach, but I’ve found that to be unproductive and ultimately boring in the classroom.

So now I try to back up and get the students to ask bigger questions. What do people believe? Why do they believe? And I encourage the students to try and experience a paranormal phenomena, all with a bent towards understanding how people construct knowledge.

I’m open with my opinions/biases but push the students not to simply agree with me and instead to learn how to build solid arguments.” 

Personally, I was hoping for field excursions aimed at hunting Bigfoot with a focus on capturing the mythical creature, but, it sounds to me like this course will be more focused on why some folks believe in Bigfoot in the first place.

OutdoorHub has previously reported on strange sightings of the hairy beast, even capturing what many thought was bigfoot in the wilderness of Northern Michigan:

With the continued interest in Bigfoot, would you sign up for a course like this? Or opt for more traditional electives like, Badminton?

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