Video: Two Mountain Lions Munching a Deer on Mirror Lake Highway


A Utah resident ran into an unlikely roadblock Friday evening on Mirror Lake Highway, and then took to Facebook to show video of two mountain lions munching on a deer right there in the road.

A report from Fox 13 News states the scene was captured by Abby Ringquest near Kamas, Utah. The lions appeared to be juveniles, however despite their lack in stature, they seemed unfazed by the vehicle’s headlights.

You’ve heard the phrase “deer in headlights” before. Well, try this one on for size!:

Mountain lions range across the entire state of Utah, from the High Uintas wilderness to the dry southern deserts. Deer are a staple in the mountain lion’s diet, so they will be found wherever deer are. They will also eat elk, antelope, small mammals and birds. After making a kill, a lion will often take the carcass to the base of a tree and cover it with soil, leaves or snow, saving it to feed on later.

Clearly these cats couldn’t wait that long before digging in…

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