Video: This Wallaby Rescue Mission Will Give You All The Feels


A casual day on the water for these three gentlemen quickly turned into a wallaby rescue mission after they came across a struggling wallaby swimming in open water. Recognizing the little guy would be easy pickings for a croc, they grabbed a hold of him and lead him back to dry land. Only in Australia!

The encounter occurred on March 29, in Weipa, Queensland, Australia. According to the video’s description on YouTube, here’s what the man said about rescuing the animal:

“I was out fishing with my good mates Conor and Declan. On our way back home we ran into this struggling little wallaby and helped him back to shore before he got turned into shark or croc food.”

Here’s the video, and be aware some colorful language is usedĀ (Language NSFW):

That little guy really is a lunatic!

Luckily for him, though, these guys came rolling around, spotted him having a hard time in the water and lent him a hand back to shore. FantasticĀ job mates!

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