Video: Florida Golfers Walk in on Two Alligators Viciously Fighting Next to Tee Box


Only in Florida would someone see two alligators viciously fighting on a golf course and think it’s okay to get closer.

A group of golfers at The Eagles Golf Course in Tampa, Florida showed up to the tee box at the wrong time, as two huge alligators were right in the middle of working out a territorial turf war – Or perhaps there was a discrepancy over a par on the last hole?

To give you an idea of just how intense things got, look at what the guy filming picks up in the middle of the fairway around the 2:00 mark.. yep that’s a gator tooth!

And people still call golf boring..

Did anybody catch the one gator death roll with the other’s arm in its mouth? That’s a good way to tear a rogator cuff!

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