Watch Two Brave Hunters Rescuing an Elk from a Deep Mud Pit


Next time somebody tries bashing hunters for being “heartless” or “insensitive” pull up this video showing two brave hunters rescuing an elk from a mud pit.

The two hunters were evidently bowhunting in Alberta, Canada when they came across a young bull elk in a pretty serious situation. Without knowing how long the elk had been stuck prior to them finding it, the two men acted as quickly as possible, trying several different methods to help the animal get to its feet.

Of course, the elk felt threatened at first, and nearly gored one of the man’s leg with his antlers. Thankfully it was nothing serious, but at that point the two guys decided to try a more distant approach.

It’s impossible to know for sure, but our best guess is the young bull was wallowing in that mud pit, and just misjudged how deep it was – leave that wallow pit to big boys, jr!

Here’s the video below:

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