GRAPHIC IMAGES: Python Swallows Bigger Snake, Then Regurgitates It


A series of mind blowing photos were recently captured by a chicken farmer in Australia showing a python attempting to digest an even larger snake – and failing miserably.

Hopefully you ate lunch before reading this one..

“This beauty was at our house this morning,” Parry Creek Farm Tourist Resort and Caravan Park wrote in a post on Facebook. “We relocate these big guys so they don’t eat our chooks [chickens]. We saw he’d had a good feed of something (yes we counted the chooks it wasn’t one of them) and safely bagged him. Once he was out of the bag he started to regurgitate, that’s when we saw the tail! Thinking it was a black whip snake – WOW were we wrong! It all happened very quickly and he was off again safe and sound. Sadly he lost his lunch but we hope he grabs something else and the birds get his left overs.”

Snake cannibalism is actually not all that uncommon, although their diet is mainly made up of mostly small animals. Even then, pythons have been known to swallow adult-sized deer, antelope, and even people!

These snakes, which are native to Australia and parts of Africa and Asia, have been caught in the wild measuring 27 feet in length and are capable of weighing as much as 350 pounds!

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