Video: Wolf Chases Elk Past Trail Cam


The key to getting good photos/video on a trail camera is setting it up in the right location. This short clip is a prime example..

The footage was captured by a perfectly placed trail cam setup by Adam Bartsch on Vancouver Island. It shows a cow elk running down a trail, followed by a lone wolf in hot pursuit. They run within a few feet of the trail camera, and the chase nearly comes to a crashing halt!

There’s no telling what happens once they pass the camera, however a few faint noises in the distance suggest the wolf might have made up some ground before the video ends..

What do you think?

It’s hard to tell, but since the wolf wasn’t hunting with a pack, we’re going to assume – and hope – the cow elk escaped.

This isn’t the only amazing trail cam footage Adam has captured lately either. On June 1, he posted another video to his Facebook page showing an old warrior casually strolling through the same woods:

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