Video: Man Films Fox and Baby Fawn in a Backyard Brawl


This dramatic video gaining popularity online shows a fox ambush a baby fawn right in somebody’s backyard in Imlay City, Michigan.

The whole encounter was captured on film and submitted to Tri-City Times by John Parsch – although it sounds like maybe his wife was filming at the time.

The video picks up with the fox in mid-stalk, slowly creeping through some tall grass. It suddenly pounces, and out of the grass appears a young fawn who had been tucked away hiding for its life. You can hear John whisper in the background, “a rabbit!” but then the animals roll out of the tall grass, and that’s when John realizes that’s no rabbit.

He begins pounding on the window to scare the little predator away, and ultimately saves the fawn’s life. Minutes later, the fawn is reacquainted with its mother.

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