You May Want to Rethink Summer After Watching This Tarantula Swim Across Water


Put the grill away and take the air out of that rainbow unicorn pool float, because summer has been cancelled. This is not a drill people.

Now, I hear you, summer just got kicked off and there’s still so many things to do! Camping trips to go on, fishing holes to hit, deer stands to tend to before fall.. the list goes on and on.

But before you “@” us, watch this video and you might have a change of heart.

Your eyes are not deceiving you – you just watched a tarantula use its legs as paddles to row across water..

This freaky footage was filmed at Big Bend Ranch State Park in Texas last year, however, it’s gone viral again recently as people come to grips with the fact that nightmares actually do come true.

Between this and the ‘tick explosions,’ I’ll be spending my summer hiding somewhere indoors planning my hunting strategies for fall.

See y’all!

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