Rocky Mountain Treasure Hunt: Montana Sheriff Warns Searching for Fenn’s Treasure Could be Deadly


There’s a real life treasure hunt going on in the Rocky Mountains right now, but Montana law officials warn pursuing “Fenn’s Treasure” could be a deadly mission.

Late Tuesday evening, the Gallatin County Sheriff’s office shared the following warning issued by Sheriff Brian Gootkin to anyone seeking the Forest Fenn Treasure around Yellowstone National Park:

Who is Forrest Fenn?

Forrest Fenn is a retired Santa Fe, New Mexico, art dealer and Vietnam War veteran. After retiring from the Air Force, he ran an art gallery which sold a variety of Native American artifacts and other art, including forged copies of works by Modigliani, Monet, Degas, and other artists.

Reportedly, the gallery grossed $6 million a year..

In 1988, Fenn was diagnosed with cancer and was told he did not have much time left. This was his inspiration to hide a treasure chest in a secret location with the purpose of creating a real life treasure hunt – He also intended the location to be his final resting place, with the treasure as his lasting legacy.. except he ended up recovering from his illness and remains the only person who knows the exact location of his buried treasure.

“You must know that this country is unforgiving if you don’t give it the respect it deserves,” Sheriff Gootkin said.

He explained bears, snakes, rivers and changing weather and wilderness conditions are just some of the dangers any treasure hunters could run into.

“We encourage everyone to vigorously pursue their outdoor passions, but think like a local. Before you go after the treasure, consider your level of skill, preparation and knowledge of the area,” Gootkin said.

Also, don’t forget to pack an extra pair of gloves!

But seriously folks, stay safe out there! The mountains are not to be taken lightly and you could end up in a world of trouble in a hurry if you aren’t familiar with the territory.

Otherwise, good luck!

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