Video: Cow Moose Shows Bear in Pursuit of Calf Who’s Boss


We’ve noticed a trend lately of folks capturing incredible wildlife footage right in their own backyards, and then Alaska came along and said “Oh yeah? Watch this.”

Normally, you have to turn on a wild life documentary to see these kind of dramatic wildlife scenes, but for Alaska resident Matthew Cahill, he apparently just has to look out in his backyard.

In the video, which was captured from the comfort of Cahill’s home, a cow moose sporting some type of collar – likely used for tracking purposes – trots by with her new born calf trailing close behind. The animals appear to be running from something, when sure enough, the camera pans back where the two moose came from and a bear is seen hustling through the meadow in pursuit of a moose dinner.

What the bear doesn’t realize, however, is it picked the WRONG calf to chase after, and the tables are about to turn..

Didn’t see that coming now, did you?

The truth is, picking a fight with a moose is never a good idea. Cow’s are fiercely defensive of their young, and as you just saw, aren’t afraid to jump in the ring with bear when the situation calls for it.

Only in Alaska, right?

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