Video: Backyard Coyote Attack Caught on Security Camera


A toddler was knocked to the ground when a coyote charged and lunged at her in the backyard of her home in Aurora, Ontario last week.

In a report, the parents said they were returning home from dinner with their two-year-old daughter and five-year-old son just before 9 p.m. The kids immediately ran to the backyard to check on a tree they had planted earlier in the day, but a coyote was lurking in the shadows nearby.

In the clip, you can watch the coyote switch to “hunt mode” as it locks onto the small children, and when it sees the smaller one, it attacks.

The animal rushes in past the little girl’s brother and appears to take a quick swipe at the two-year-old as it runs by:

“She’s fine,” the girl’s mother said, “she just has a very superficial lesion on her body but she is frightened,” she told CP24. “It probably thought (the girl) was the perfect size for it, so it just ran towards her.”

The little girl has seen two different doctors since the encounter, who apparently said she will not need to receive any vaccine as a result of the contact with the coyote.

Anybody up for a little predator control?

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