Video: Texas Ram vs. BIG Whitetail Buck at Tierra De Dios Ranch, Guess Who Wins..


When a ram picks a fight on Tierra De Dios Ranch with a big whitetail buck, he gets a big ole serving of tines right in the face.

From the start of the video, this ram clearly had it out for the mature whitetail buck – meanwhile he was just minding his own business eating some grass!

When the ram approaches the deer, the buck looks up from his lunch and appears to pull a Robert De Niro like, “You talkin’ to me?” and that’s when things get hairy..

The two ensue in a brawl of horns vs. tines, and the ram learns the hard way he ought to pick on animals his own size from now on. The video was filmed by the guys over at Hunting Product Guru, and we’re glad they were there to capture this clash between these two bruisers.

As far as the ram’s decision to pick a fight with a Texas buck goes, well.. this is what instant regret looks like:

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