Fire Destroys Jim Beam Warehouse Leading to Massive Fish Kill in Kentucky River


On July 2, flames engulfed a Jim Beam bourbon warehouse in Woodford County, Kentucky. Following the unfortunate event, “tens of thousands” of fish have turned up dead on the Kentucky River.

According to the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet, a 23 mile long alcohol plume from the bourbon runoff had been creeping down the river since spilling out in the fire, and caused major issues with oxygen levels in the water.

The cabinet has been posting daily updates to their Facebook page letting everyone know the conditions of the water, as well as the location of the plume and any potential impacts it may cause.

They also posted this video to show the fish kill on the Kentucky river:

Below is the cabinet’s latest update on the situation:

“Here is Wednesday’s update on the Jim Beam fire and fishkill:
With the emergency phase of the project over, the Cabinet’s focus is on overseeing the remediation of the Jim Beam property. The alcohol plume is fully in the Ohio River, where it is dissipating as it moves along. We are seeing no new reports of fishkills. However, remnant fish killed in the Kentucky River are being spotted.”

Things certainly got a little sketchy there for a while, but it sounds like the situation is turning around and there won’t be any extensive long-term damage. However, anytime a large number of fish are suddenly removed from their ecosystem, it can take a serious toll.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for more updates, and be sure to let you know any pertinent information as it is released.

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