Video: Scaring A Bear In A Dumpster Is A Dangerous Game To Play


When a bear finds the right dumpster to dive into, it may drop its guard and shutout the rest of the world completely. And trust us, you don’t want to interrupt a bear while it eats.

The guy in this video, however, apparently didn’t get that memo, because he sneaks to within only a few feet of a bear in the middle of a (smelly) meal and was able to capture on film what happens when you spook a bear in a dumpster.

Close call! Who knew black bears had moves like that?

It’s no secret how much bears love a good garbage pile, so this is a dangerous game to be playing. It’s a wonder the bear didn’t attack the man out of instinct, but black bears especially tend to be more skittish compared to other bears.

If that were a grizz in the dumpster, this video would likely have ended much differently..

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