Video: Dude Perfect Bass Fishing Battle; Fishing Will Never be the Same


We’re well into the ‘dog days’ of summer, and perhaps fishing every day is beginning to lose its luster. (Yeah right!) Well, leave it to the Dude Perfect crew to flip the sport on its head, and create a whole new challenge.. Behold the Dude Perfect Bass Fishing Battle.

Here’s how it works: For round one, each angler gets six “poles”; a regular fishing rod, the Dude Perfect trick shot reel, a cane pole, deep sea rig, hand reel and my personal favorite, an RC boat.

Once a fish is landed in the boat, they pick up the next pole and keep fishing. The two anglers with the fastest times move on to day two, and face off in a “big fish finale.”

Anyone want to guess how long it takes for them to land a fish on all six poles?

Let’s get fishing:

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