11-Year-Old Angler Catches Hook in Eyelid During Fishing Accident


After a fishing accident nearly cost him his eye, an 11-year-old from Summerville, South Carolina remains unfazed, and is already back to fishing.

We’re all guilty of setting the hook a little too hard and missing out on a good fish, but little Manning Ruff got served a double dose of bad luck after attempting to set the hook on a bass, and taking a fish hook right in the face.

Don’t fret, though, because Manning is one tough 11-year-old, who was able to hold it together enough to ride his bike home under his own power and get his dad to take him to the ER. All while what appears to be a Storm WildEye® Live Crappie dangled from his eyelid!

And according to the boy’s father, Daniel Ruff, who shared details of the story on Facebook, Manning told the doctor he didn’t want any pain medication and to just get it out.

“He calmly said, ‘Dad I’ve got a hook stuck in my eye,” Daniel reportedly told Fox News.

Luckily, the hook didn’t dig in deep enough to scratch Manning’s eye, but it does look like he’ll have a cool scar to showoff to his buddies after the whole ordeal.

“Lessons learned. Sunglasses and a pocket knife are mandatory while fishing,” Daniel wrote in his Facebook post.

Way to tough it out, Manning! Very few people would be able to keep it together and not escalate the situation if they were in your shoes, but you stayed poised and took it on the chin. You must have really wanted a second go at the bass that got away, huh?

Mission. Accomplished.

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