Mike Posner Airlifted To Hospital After Rattlesnake Bite


Pop artist Mike Posner had to be airlifted to a hospital after being bitten by a rattlesnake during his journey of hiking across the United States.

Posner, 31, set out from Asbury, New Jersey and plans to walk – that’s right WALK – all the way to Venice Beach, California. But just as the singer conquered another state and crossed from Kansas to Colorado, Mike’s trip suddenly turned into a dire situation.

“Crazy day yesterday! I had just crushed 16 miles and was going for 8 more when I got bit by a rattlesnake,” he wrote under a video on his Instagram which he is seen lying on a gurney wheeled along by paramedics.

“That venom is no joke!”

Posner’s “Walk Across America” has been fueled by a series of personal tragedies, including his father passing from brain cancer in 2017, and losing his close friends Avicii and Mac Miller just one year later.

“I’ll be here a few days and will not be able to walk for several weeks by enjoying the AC and the nice bed, haven’t had those in a while Hahahahah!” Posner added.

Although you are far more likely to be bitten by a non-venomous snake, as their numbers are greater, the same rules of ‘Snake Safety’ apply. It’s important to not panic and remain as calm as possible. Next, try to identify the species, and then plan what you’re going to do next. Generally, there’s no danger from a non-venomous snake bite, as the most that could happen is the bite could get infected. If this happens, use soap and water to wash the area thoroughly. Otherwise, you can also clean the bite using Neosporin or alcohol wipes from your first aid kit.

For additional information on snake safety while out on the trails, check out this previous OutdoorHub article.

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