Sitka Gear’s Early Season Whitetail System is Designed For Warm-Weather Bowhunting


If you’re looking to tag a mature trophy buck, early season often presents the best opportunities. Deer are creatures of habit, and the first few weeks of open season, they tend to stick to their summer routines of eat, bed, repeat. Hunters haven’t been around all summer, so that dandy old buck might actually show himself during daylight hours. Thankfully, Sitka Gear has developed an early season whitetail system built specifically for warm weather conditions.

Hunting in warmer temperatures can be very difficult, and uncomfortable if you don’t have the right gear. For a majority of early season bow hunters, we’re still battling against 70-80 degree temps, which is plenty warm enough to cause a sweat storm up in the stand.

I’ve worn this ESW line on a number of hunts here in my home state of Michigan, and it’s been a real life saver. Come October in this part of the country, there’s no telling what mother nature has in store and this has definitely kept me comfortable during some sweltering days on stand. But, when winter eventually does come strolling down the block, it’s easy to add layers under in this system and adapt to the elements.

The new ESW line from Sitka Gear is a warm-weather system tailor-made to beat the heat. It’s the lightest whitetail system Sitka has created, designed for maximum breathability, stealth and odor control to help bowhunters get after the early season giants.

SITKA Gear today announced that its all-new lightweight and breathable Early Season Whitetail (ESW) system is now available through leading retailers and on the brand’s website, at  

Optimized for ventilation and stealth in warm weather, the ESW system is offered in the GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Elevated II™ pattern and features lightweight, 4-way stretch polyester fabric with mesh ventilation and silent snaps for comfort, breathablility and reduced noise. In addition, the entire ESW series is treated with Polygiene® odor control technology.  

“For the early season, it was important to design something that not only allows for quiet movement in the stand, but also maximizes breathability and odor control,” said Chris Derrick, SITKA Gear’s Whitetail Product Manager. “In addition to lightweight fabrics and body mapped mesh ventilation, we add Polygiene® to prevent the build-up of odor on the garments, significantly reducing the odor profile.” 

Like all SITKA systems, the ESW system is designed for layering. It can be worn on its own in the heat or easily integrated with additonal layers as temperatures cool. Streamlined cuts allow users to add insulation over the top of ESW gear without impacting range of motion. 

The ESW system includes the ESW Pant ($149 MSRP); ESW Shirt ($129 MSRP); ESW Glove ($79 MSRP); and ESW Hat ($30 MSRP). Visit to learn more.

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