Video: Check Out How Delta McKenzie Targets Are Made


Think about how many hours you practice shooting your bow. Even if you only shoot a few rounds a week, that’s still a good amount of string time and a lot of time spent practically staring a hole in an archery target. Now, have you ever caught yourself wondering how their made? In the video below, Josh Bowmar takes a tour to learn how Delta Mckenzie targets live up to the challenge of durability and reliability.

First, here’s a little background behind the two brands; Before joining forces, the Delta brand was best known for its commitment to the average bowhunter. On the other hand, the McKenzie brand was highly regarded for its first-rate competition targets and could be found at some of the top archery events around the world.

“Collectively, Delta and McKenzie share nearly 60 years of experience helping both archers and bowhunters have greater success afield.”

Okay, lets get to the tour to see just how these 3D targets are made. Understand it’s a loud facility and it may be tough to hear at times:

Pretty cool, right?!

Can you believe each target is made individually from start to finish, and they’re all HAND PAINTED? It just goes to show when it comes to 3D archery targets, you would be hard-pressed to find a match in quality that compares to Delta McKenzie targets.

And by the way, I could sit and watch that painting process all day long!

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