Video: Bison Stampede Smashes Rental Car.. With No Insurance


The bison inside Yellowstone National Park have evidently taken it upon themselves to stop visitors from messing with them, after the moment a bison stampede smashes a rental car with a family inside was captured on video.

According to a member of the Delle Chiaie family (the family inside the car) the stampede may have actually been triggered by somebody’s “backup alarm,” while a line of cars drove through the park’s Lamar Valley.

Bruce Delle Chiaie, 50, claims “we had gone to Lamar Valley to try and view a moose we had seen the night before,” but instead they were faced with a herd of bison rushing down the road and putting a complete halt on traffic.

At this point, you’re probably thinking how frightening it would be to be surrounded by¬†880 to 1,980 pound animals zipping past your vehicle. Now imagine that vehicle is a rental, and you didn’t take the insurance..

“Oh man, there goes some money,” a passenger inside the car can be heard saying.

The park’s website states Yellowstone holds the nation’s largest bison population on public land. They are mostly allowed to roam the park at will, and behave a lot like their ancient ancestors by congregating during breeding season to compete for mates, as well as migration and exploration that result in the use of new habitat areas.

“These behaviors have enabled the successful restoration of a population that was on the brink of extinction just over a century ago.”

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