Video: Guy Rigs Buck Decoy To Deliver The Perfect Bowhunter Proposal


Adding pressure to your preseason target practice is a great way to prepare for when the moment truly counts. Generally, the more pressure you can mimic on the practice range the better, but are you willing to put the rest of your life on the line?

It’s not exactly what you’re thinking.

See, this gentleman seems to have found himself someone pretty special and he thought up a pretty clever way to ask her to marry him. First, he would have to convince her to stare down range through binoculars to let him know if his arrow found the target or not. Then, he actually has to hit the target to get it to fall over, revealing the “Will you marry me?” sign.

No pressure, right?

See how he does in the video below:

Warning: Do not attempt the following without practice. Failure to comply could result in severe embarrassment and possible rejection – after all, who wants to marry somebody who can’t shoot a bow?

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