Kentucky Hunter Gets On Walmart Intercom and Begs for Help Buying Hunting License


How many times has this happened to you? You go to a big retail store to purchase your hunting license, and you end up searching harder for an employee to assist you, than you do for the game you purchased the license for..

Well, when it happened to a man at a Walmart in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, he took matters into his own hands to get some help.

“Customer needs assistance in the sporting goods please. Uh, I’m the customer..”

Forrest Hunter is the customer’s name, and he was seemingly left with no alternate solution after waiting around for a Walmart employee to eventually wander over to the sporting goods department. So, he picked up the intercom and announced to the whole store how he was in need of assistance.

Apparently, an employee did eventually show up and was a little embarrassed over the whole ordeal.

So, if you find yourself in a similar situation while purchasing your hunting license this year, perhaps borrow a page out of Hunter’s playbook. Although, it’s likely Walmart won’t be seeing many hunters walk through their doors any time soon..

Forrest, just keep doing you, sir!

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