Video: 5-Year-Old Girl Barely Escaped a Coyote Attack in Her Front Yard


A 5-year-old girl barely escaped a charging coyote who was seemingly plotting an attack while she played in her family’s front yard.

The dramatic moments were all captured by the family’s home surveillance camera in Villa Park, Illinois, on Tuesday morning.

The video shows Christine Przybylski, 5, skipping through the front yard on her way to the mailbox to see if her Halloween costume had arrived, ABC 7 Chicago reports. The package was nowhere to be found, so she heads back towards the house – at this point, you’ll see the coyote plotting his attack in the video below.

Before making it to the house, though, Christine stops at the swing in her yard, creating an opportunity for the predator stalking the situation nearby.

The coyote jumps at the opportunity, and charges full speed across the front yard, circling a tree and then bolting towards Christine. It was so close to grabbing her, she said she could feel it touch her.

“I feeled [sic] its ear,” Christine said. “It almost bited [sic] my rib.”

Here’s the intense video that’s been going around the internet lately:

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