Video: Do Not Sleep On Late Fall Muskie Fishing


Avid anglers know muskies for being referred to as “the fish of 10,000 casts,” however, late fall muskie fishing is a period when you can sometimes experience relatively fast action.

Depending on water temps, wind and a few other varying factors, oftentimes casting over and over isn’t the best method. Depending on who you ask, some die hard muskie hunters will troll large crankbaits during late fall to find scattered fish, while others choose a more stationary approach.

Of course, no matter which method you use to find and hook a muskie, the real challenge begins AFTER the bite.

Check out the video below as evidence.

These two anglers – Scott Gehrman and Chad Briesemeister – are on the water in mid-October, braving the unpredictable weather and chasing after fall fatties:

Congrats, guys, on a fine release and a great video.

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