Buffalo Bills Safety Jordan Poyer is a Master at Catching Interceptions and Lake Erie Smallmouth


Are you ready for some FISHING?! Ask Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer that question, and he’ll probably make a dash for the boat like he’s running at the NFL Combine.

In the “Chill With the Bills” video below, Poyer explains how he did a little bit of fishing in high school, but his passion for being on the water really took off after going deep sea fishing for the first time down in Florida.

Poyer was initially drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2013, but then jumped around the league a little playing with the Cleveland Browns and his current team; the Buffalo Bills.

“You’re on a football team that’s on the best freshwater lake in the world, Boat Captain Jim Hanley, states in the video. “We always say the 50 mile radius around Buffalo New York is the best freshwater fishing anywhere in the world.”

So, the 6-foot defensive back has now become a master at two things: intercepting passes for one of the NFL’s top defenses and reeling in Lake Erie bronzebacks:

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