Brawling Bruins: Is This Scrap Between Two Brown Bears The Best Bear Fight Ever?


This video of two hefty brown bears going at it in the middle of a Finnish forest puts the “wild” in wildlife. Just watching the video might make you a little uneasy!

The violent brawl was witnessed and recorded by nature photographer Tero Pylkkänen, who was camping near Kuhmo, Finland. Pylkkänen said he watched the bears follow each other around the forest for a couple of hours. Then, they wound up directly in front of him and that’s when things got hairy.

Pylkkänen captured the intense bear brawl on video and shared the three-minute video on his YouTube channel. He titled it “Best Bear Fight Ever,” but we’ll let you be the judge of that!

Brown bears live in both forest and mountain regions of North America, Europe and Asia – making them the most widely distributed bear in the world.

They can reach heights up to 8 feet tall, and weigh close to 800 pounds. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that slows them down! Despite their massive size, brown bears are surprisingly fast, having been clocked doing speeds of 30-mph.

These bears, like most, tend to live a solitary life with the exception of sows and their cubs. However, as depicted in the video above, they do congregate from time to time. And yes, it usually ends up like this.

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