Body Blast by RAW Frozen Scents is the First Whitetail ‘Body Scent’


As any hunter knows, a deer’s highly developed sense of smell helps them avoid danger and navigate the woods just as much as their eyes. If you’ve ever been caught upwind of a deer who just won’t commit to walking into your shooting lane, you know what I’m talking about. But deer also communicate through scent, and use certain smells to identify other deer in the area.

And of course, bucks use scent to locate does who are in heat during the rut.

Whitetail Body Scent
RAW Frozen Scents

Like all mammals, deer emit an individual, distinctive and recognizable odor. Take humans, for example. Even with our considerably weaker sense of smell, we can detect when somebody forgot to put deodorant on in the morning just by walking near them. The same applies for deer, except they aren’t interested in Old Spice.

When does are in heat during the rut, they give off pheromones that let the bucks in her area know she’s in estrus. This is why a deer’s body odor is so essential.

And now for the first time, RAW Scents has been able to capture and harness a deer’s body odor, creating Body Blast.

Body Blast is a revolutionary product containing the body odor of does in heat in an absorbent wick, which is then frozen to preserve the integrity of the scent until you deploy it in the field.

Body Blast is especially effective due to the natural body odor scent of a deer, which can have a calming effect in deer, combined with the pheromones that does also emit through their body scent while in heat. RAW Scents also boasts about there being no preservatives used in Body Blast, and because it is frozen immediately upon collection, freshness is guaranteed.

  • The closest thing yet to how a buck recognizes a doe in the wild
  • Revolutionary technology captures deer’s natural body odor and infuses it into an easy-to-use wick
  • Includes pheromones which identify a doe in estrus
  • Frozen to preserve integrity of scent until use
  • No preservatives, no water added

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