You’re Going to Want to Save This Whiskey Butter Venison Heart Recipe


Whether you’ve been eating venison your whole life, or just discovered how delicious it actually is, this whiskey butter venison heart recipe is one you definitely need to save!

Most people will shy away from eating deer heart, but really they’re the ones missing out on a prime piece of meat! The heart is just another muscle, and it’s actually really good for you too. If you have tried it, you already know, and you’re probably wanting to hear more about this whiskey butter sauce – more on that in a minute.

Perhaps you’ve never dealt with preparing a heart for cooking. Don’t freak out. Like I said, the heart is just another muscle and not at all difficult to clean or cook.

If you are approaching this for the first time, I encourage you to watch the first video below. Steven Rinella and Danielle Prewett from Wild & Whole go step-by-step through the whole cleaning process, giving you a great idea of what to look for at each step.

Now that you have a heart cleaned and ready for the pan, it’s time to throw down.

Again, MeatEater’s Wild Foods contributor, Danielle Prewett walks us through an easy and delicious recipe here, packing tons of flavor with just a handful of ingredients.

First, you’ll want to make the coffee rub, which combines coffee, brown sugar, salt and pepper. That’s it. Combine all ingredients in a small zip-lock bag and toss it in your pack before heading out. That way you can enjoy this recipe in the field if you get an animal down.

Once you give your deer heart covered in coffee rub a perfect sear, you’re going to start making the most delectable element of this recipe – the whiskey butter sauce. This couldn’t be any easier!

All you’re going to do is pour a small amount of whiskey in the hot pan to deglaze for about a minute, then add two tablespoons of butter and stir until melted. Once you have a good sauce developed in the bottom of the pan, you can plate your deer heart and pour on the goodness.

The cool thing is, this sauce will pair nicely with other cuts of meat too. Add it as the ‘finishing touch’ to a backstrap, and watch your dinner guests go crazy over it!

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