When A Buck Makes This Snort Wheeze Sound, You Can Bet He Means Business


We recently talked a little about elk vocalizations, and how they use a wide range of sounds to communicate with each other. This article is going to focus more on whitetail deer vocalizations. Specifically, the snort wheeze.

Spend enough time hunting whitetails, and you will inevitably get busted by these sneaky critters. They seem to pop-up out of nowhere, and have a certain knack for spotting even the slightest movement. They’re also not fond of taking too big of risks. If something seems fishy, they will blow out of the area in a major hurry, letting every deer around know it too.

That dreadful blowing sound is one us whitetailers absolutely despise..

In this video, a buck takes an aggressive stance while defending his lady and makes a snort-wheeze sound, which in ‘whitetail talk’ means BACK OFF, SIR.

Check it out below:

You mad, bro?!

In this instance, the deer’s frustrations seem warranted. Whoever is behind the camera is practically begging to get gored by that deer!

During the whitetail rut, a snort wheeze like the one this big guy just made is a sign that things are about to go down. Mature bucks will make this sound when there’s a rival buck nearby to establish who the dominant male is. If the two disagree, you can bet you’re going to witness a buck fight.

Can you see where I’m going with this?

Using a snort wheeze sound during the right time of year is an excellent tactic to draw Mr. Big Buck to your stand. And if you ever engage in this type of vocalization with a mature buck, it can make for an unforgettable memory when he comes storming in to see who is in his zone.

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