Check Out These Locked Mule Deer Deadheads Eric Chesser Got His Hands On


It seems every shed antler you find holds a unique story behind wherever you found it. So imagine the tale behind these locked mule deer deadheads Eric Chesser recently got his hands on.

Eric has found boatloads of shed antlers throughout his years hunting, and despite them still being full of dry hide, he said he’s never found a pair of deadheads like this in such good condition.

If you haven’t already been following along with Hushin’s ‘BSY 2.0’ on YouTube, watch episode 47 to see how the antlers looked when Eric first saw them. Then, check out the video below to see the final product after Eric got them back from getting cleaned up a little.

Pretty sweet, huh?!

Have you guys ever found a pair of locked deadheads before? What did you end up doing with them?

Perhaps these two warriors could find a spot at the top of Eric’s shed antler Christmas tree this year!

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