Top 10 Black Friday Deals for Anglers


We know all you anglers look forward to special Black Friday deals just as much as anyone else does. Watersports equipment and fishing gear tend to have very low prices during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday season in general, so you won’t want to miss out.

Here are the top ten Black Friday deals for anglers:

Cabela’s – Bass Pro Shops XPS Lithium Ion Battery Powered Filet Knife – $20 Off

On Black Friday, the Bass Pro Shops XPS Lithium Ion Battery Powered Fillet Knife will be sold for $80, when it normally costs $100. This knife utilizes a high torque motor to make cleaning and gutting a fish an effortless experience.

Karl’s Bait and Tackle – Mystery Tackle Box

At Karl’s Bait and Tackle, you can purchase a subscription that gets you new lures every month, and is one of the biggest monthly tackle subscriptions in the industry with millions of boxes shipped out each month. On Black Friday, Karl’s Bait and Tackle will be offering the subscription for a discounted rate, so keep an eye out for it.

Bass Pro Shops – Pro Qualifier 2 Limited Edition Baitcast Reel – $30 Off

Need a new baitcast reel? If so, at Bass Pro Shops the Pro Qualifier will be on sale for $30 off. This is a high quality baitcast reel that is very lightweight and has a seven bearing system, with a sleek design that makes it visually appealing.

Cabela’s – Berkley Flicker Shade Pro Pack – 35% Off

At Cabela’s, the Berkley Flicker Shade Pro Pack will be on sale for just $6.50 normally ($10.99) up to and during Black Friday. This pack includes extra sharp black nickel hooks and rattle triggers to catch gamefish.

Cabela’s – Mean Eye Jig – 35% Off

Ideal for rigging both live and plastic baits, the Mean Eye Jig at Cabela’s will be on sale for 35% off. These jigs  have an excellent casting weight, with holographic eyes and a glossed paint coating.

Cabela’s – DepthMaster Metal Linecounter Trolling Reel – $89.49

Normally sold for $129.99, on Black Friday at Cabela’s the DepthMaster Metal Linecountner Trolling Reel will be on sale for just $89.49. This trolling wheel utilizes a high quality aluminum frame and innovative carbonate drag system with a ratcheting star control.

Cabela’s – Livetarget Baitball Series Glass Minnow – 35% Off

The Livetarget BaitBall Series Glass Minnow is designed to be highly realistic so that predatory fish will instinctively attack it when it is lowered into the water. At Cabela’s on Black Friday, it will be on sale for 35% off from its normal price of $15.99.

Cabela’s – Mister Twister Saltwater Piranha Electric Fillet Knife – $29.99

Need a new fillet knife to make cleaning fish a breeze? If so, you’ll be glad to hear that on Black Friday at Cabela’s, the Mister Twister Saltwater Piranha Electric Fillet Knife will be on sale for just $29.99, when it’s normally $45.99.

Cabela’s – Kershaw Clearwater Fillet Knife – 35% Off

An even lower cost fillet knife is the Kershaw Clearwater Fillet Knife. This knife is built out of a high carbon stainless steel blade, with a very ergonomic handle. On Black Friday at Cabelas you can get it for 35% off of its normal price of $14.99.

Cabela’s – Jar Bait Binder – $9.75

Berkley’s Jar Bait Bindner is the best way to transport all of your jar baits down into the water without having them rattle. It will be on sale for $9.75 during Black Friday at Cabela’s, when it’s normally $14.99.

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