[SHOT Show 2020] Shoot Like a Girl Empowers Women in the Shooting Sports


While walking the range in Boulder City last week at the 2020 SHOT Show Range Day, I paused at the Shoot Like a Girl display, which is essentially a mobile shooting range built into a tractor trailer, with which they roam the country to recruit women to the shooting sports. Karen Butler, owner and President of Shoot Like a Girl, was more than happy to give me a quick rundown on the great things SLG does for the shooting sports.

What is Shoot Like a Girl?

“Shoot Like A Girl is an organization dedicated to growing the number of women who participate in shooting sports by empowering them with confidence. Women are introduced to shooting sports through a unique interactive experience, and afforded the opportunity to shoot a pistol, rifle, and bow for free in an encouraging, comfortable, and safe environment.”

Funded by corporate partners and/or advertisers, SLG travels the country to fulfill this mission.

Success Rates

During 2019, SLG traveled more than 21,000 miles and made 26 stops. Of the 2,880 women who participated in the program, the vast majority (73%) increased their participation in shooting/outdoor activities.

Here are some stats from SLG attendees:

75% committed to buying a gun
43% committed to buying a bow
50% planned to take a firearms safety class
49% have recruited others to start shooting
40% have an improved attitude about firearms
31% want to start hunting
30% plan to take a hunter safety class

Karen said that while some attendees did not experience an improved attitude or view of firearms, none of them has a worse attitude about firearms afterward.

Simply put, this means Shoot Like a Girl is doing all good and no harm for the shooting sports. An excellent track record, in my opinion.

2020 Tour

If you know of any women who might benefit from SLG’s great program, check out their 2020 tour dates.



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