[SHOT Show 2020] NEW ATI Nomad Shotgun & Rukx Gear Survivor Bag Combo


American Tactical (ATI) has partnered up with Rukx Gear to create a Nomad Shotgun Combo that includes a Survivor Bag with every firearm that was showcased at SHOT Show 2020. You have your choice of 5 different Rukx Gear Survivor Packs (Black, Blue, Orange, Tan, and Yellow) along with an ATI Single-Shot Nomad Shotgun in 12, 20, or .410 Gauge. The MSRP for all 15 possible permutations you could choose from is a flat $179.95 for the combo. All of the specifications for the Nomad shotgun as well as the Survivor pack can be read below as presented by American Tactical:

Nomad Features:

  • Checkered Synthetic Stock & Forend
  • 3″ Chamber for 12 Gauge, 20 Gauge, and .410 Gauge
  • 18.5″ Barrel with Improved-Modified Fixed Choke
  • Break Open Action
  • Bead Front Sight


Survivor Pack Features:

  • Rear Full Open Zipper Pocket for Discreet Storage of the ATI Nomad 12 Gauge, 20 Gauge or .410 Gauge
  • Hidden Handgun Pocket
  • Removable Waist & Shoulder Straps
  • Reflective Strip for Night Safety
  • Velcro Patch Mount for Customization
  • Reinforced Webbing & Exterior Drink Pouch
  • Durable Non-Rust Zipper & Pull-Tabs for Easy Access to All your Gear
  • Water-Resistant Bags will Float w/ a Shotgun inside (the bags are not waterproof)
  • Dimensions 20” x 11” x 10”
  • Available in Black, Blue, Tan, Orange, Yellow
  • Shotgun & Bag combined Weight is under 9 Pounds


  • ATIG12NMDSURB | 12 Gauge | Black Survivor Bag
  • ATIG12NMDSURBL | 12 Gauge | Blue Survivor Bag
  • ATIG12NMDSURO | 12 Gauge | Orange Survivor Bag
  • ATIG12NMDSURT | 12 Gauge | Tan Survivor Bag
  • ATIG12NMDSURY | 12 Gauge | Yellow Survivor Bag


  • ATIG20NMDSURB | 20 Gauge | Black Survivor Bag
  • ATIG20NMDSURBL | 20 Gauge | Blue Survivor Bag
  • ATIG20NMDSURO | 20 Gauge | Orange Survivor Bag
  • ATIG20NMDSURT | 20 Gauge | Tan Survivor Bag
  • ATIG20NMDSURY | 20 Gauge | Yellow Survivor Bag


  • ATIG410NMDSURB | .410 Gauge | Black Survivor Bag
  • ATIG410NMDSURBL | .410 Gauge | Blue Survivor Bag
  • ATIG410NMDSURO | .410 Gauge | Orange Survivor Bag
  • ATIG410NMDSURT | .410 Gauge | Tan Survivor Bag
  • ATIG410NMDSURY | .410 Gauge | Yellow Survivor Bag

As mentioned before, the current MSRP for the Nomad Shotgun Combo is $179. The firearm itself is manufactured in Turkey, and carries American Tactical’s Limited Lifetime Warranty like all of their firearms should you ever need assistance with them. A short quote from ATI that further explains this economical and exciting combo can be read below:

Be the first to get the Nomad single shot shotgun / Survivor three day pack combo. This tactical match-up comes with a Survivor three day pack custom fit to holster a Nomad single shot shotgun (18.5″ barrel). Pick your favorite combination of Shotgun gauge – 12ga, 20ga or 410ga all with a 18.5″ barrel, and color of Survivor Bag – Black, Blue, Yellow, Orange or Tan.

When it comes to an affordable shotgun that can be easily toted around in a backpack for hiking, camping, or a day outing of hunting, it is difficult to beat something this attainable and reliable. For all of our readers out there, what do you think? Is the Nomad Shotgun Combo something you would be willing to carry with you? Let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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