Watch: Navy SEAL Jocko Willink Breaks Down Combat Scenes from War Movies


If you want true ‘behind the scenes’ details on how U.S. special forces operate down range, there may not be a better person to have explain it than retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink.

In this episode of GQ’s ‘The Breakdown’ Jocko dives into some famous movies like “Navy Seals,” “American Sniper,” “Lone Survivor,” and others to point out any inaccuracies portrayed in certain combat scenes.

Despite some inaccurate details and the “Hollywoodification” of a lot of these films, they still remain some of my all-time favorites. “Lone Survivor” and “Zero Dark Thirty” in particular.

While listening to Jocko talk, it was fascinating to hear his inside perspective from the Battle of Fallujah in Iraq, to fighting alongside Chris Kyle – who he clearly had a relationship with. Jocko also discusses the scene in “Lone Survivor” when Mike Murphy makes the call to release a group of ‘suspect individuals,’ essentially terminating their mission. This part gave me a good chill, because Jocko confirms just how realistic this scene actually is – As if it wasn’t already intense enough!

I think the part that really resonated with me, though, was when Jocko explained how Seals are just average people who train and work really hard to be good at their jobs. They’re not just “terminator robots,” as Jocko explains.

If you’re like me, and you found yourself glued to your computer screen while watching this video, you might also enjoy Jocko’s podcast. He regularly invites former military members on and engages in similar conversations about military combat, strategy and general motivation.

To that end, I’ll leave you with perhaps Jocko’s most popular (and inspiring) video “Good.” Check it out:

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