Bobcat Launches from Cover to Take Down a Deer


Bobcats may be small in stature, but what they lack in size is compensated by their incredible strength, speed, and stealthiness. A bobcat’s eyes are often larger than their stomachs, too, which can sometimes lead to trouble for these powerful little felines.

This video clip puts a bobcat’s hunting skills on full display, after a doe slips up and doesn’t realize she’s being stalked.

The deer is seen walking in the open, appearing to be on high alert with her ears at attention as she makes her way up a ridge. This says a lot about a bobcat’s camouflage ability, because any deer hunter will vouch for a deer’s eyesight, and their impeccable talent for spotting even the slightest amount of movement.

The deer takes a few more steps, she pauses and looks (what appears to be) directly at the bobcat, who continues to stay frozen solid and out of sight of the deer.

A couple more steps, and the cat explodes out of the grass like a cannonball in pursuit of the deer. But this chase doesn’t last very long.

Watch it all unfold in the video below. A warning, though, as the sounds are intense:

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