Parkour Bobcat: Athletic Bobcat Snags Squirrel Out of Mid-Air


Given bobcats are elusive and mostly nocturnal creatures, people rarely get to see them out and about. But an artist in New Hampshire happened to capture some wild footage of a bobcat chasing a squirrel up a tree, and pulling off a maneuver that earned its nickname: parkour bobcat.

The post shared by Toby Gray on Instagram captures the moment when the bobcat goes after the little critter. It charges in for the kill, and the chase is on. Instinctively, the squirrel makes a run for it up the nearest tree.

With the bobcat right on its tail, the squirrel hops over onto some branches extending from the next tree over. The bobcat simply adjusts its plan of attack, and pulls off an incredible “parkour” move to nab the tree rat right out of thin air!

You’re going to need to see this one to believe it:

To make things even better, this amazing encounter has since inspired the artist to create “Parkour Bobcat” t-shirts:

Pretty cool concept! This just goes to show, you never know what can transpire from spending time outdoors.

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