Must See: Herd of Elk Swarm Football Field in Colorado


While sports teams across the country have taken a seat on the bench during these uncertain times, wildlife all around the world has stepped into the spotlight providing entertainment to millions. In a recent article, we highlighted a Welsh town that has been seeing a herd of goats visit the town more frequently. Meanwhile in Colorado, a large group of elk swarmed a high school football field and were spotted in a huddle formation near the 50 yard line.

Check out these wild photos:

Elk Huddle
Elk Swarm Football Field
Elk Swarm

Anybody have a good idea for a team name?

Also, they may want to consider wearing different colored uniforms..

Have you noticed any strange wildlife activity in your area? According to the Facebook post, they asked Colorado Parks and Wildlife along with Rocky Mountain National Park officials if they’re seeing any different wildlife patterns with fewer people around, and their answer was no. However, it seems more and more of these odd encounters are being reported lately, so we’ll see if they continue to pop up while everyone is staying home right now.

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