Watch: Big Mako Chasing Sailfish


The ocean is an incredible place that is largely alien to us. You never know what you’re going to see next, but it seemingly never fails to amaze.

Like this video, which shows a crew of anglers working to get a sailfish to the boat, when they suddenly run into some stiff competition; a big mako shark who’s clearly up for the challenge. The anglers were able to spot the mako early on in the fight, but there’s not a whole lot you can do when you have the fastest shark in the ocean chasing the fish on your line..

At first, the sailfish keeps its distance from the boat, but it suddenly makes a run right alongside it and the mako breaches nearly landing inside the boat!

Watch it unfold in the video below:

(Warning: Things escalate pretty quickly here, so there is some colorful language used in the video)


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