Danner Producing Face Masks & Face Shields for Healthcare Workers, First Responders


During the COVID-19 crisis, Danner has been focused on lending a helping hand and doing their best to keep moving forward, reorienting its Portland, Oregon factory to produce face masks along with their other footwear. Danner is producing roughly 1,000 face masks per day with their current resources, and says their number one priority is to provide medical personnel and first responders with much-needed face protection, but they’ve also been in talks with nonprofits, assisted-living facilities, transportation companies and other organizations in need.

To date, the company has already donated more than 300 masks to Portland Public School teachers and staff near their Oregon plant.

Danner Producing Face Masks

In addition, Danner has just received their first shipment of materials needed to create another 15,000 masks and are ramping up production to produce face shields in their factory using laces, boot foam and other materials they have on hand in the factory. It’s all hands on deck right now, and Danner is stepping up to the challenge!

“On behalf of the team here,” said Chris Perrotti, senior manager of quality and commercialization, “we are very happy to be able to contribute in some way to the cause.”

“Until we make it to the other side of this challenging time, we’ll keep sewing.”

Danner Face Masks
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