Watch This Boy’s Shocking Brown Bear Encounter and His Perfect Reaction


In a nail-biting video, a 12-year-old boy narrowly escaped being attacked by a large bear while walking a trail on the Dolomites mountain range in Italy. Luckily, the boy had just recently read how you’re supposed to act when confronted by a bear and calmly, albeit nonchalantly, strolled down the mountain to safety.

According to local news sources, Twelve-year-old Alessandro Franzoi was collecting things he found along the trail when the bear suddenly appeared.

“He was walking a few yards ahead of us collecting pine shoots when we realized he was emerging from the vegetation followed by a bear,” the boy’s uncle, Federico, explained to the newspaper La Stampa (via The Times UK) “We were obviously alarmed, while he was truly calm.”

At one point during the video, the bear stands on its hind legs to try and get a clear view of the boy, and reveals just how massive it is.

You have to hand it to the kid, he handled that situation pretty well!

I’ve read my fair share of bear attack stories to know how quickly these things can spiral out of control, so perhaps the young boy just had luck on his side.

According to the Daily Mail, Alessandro said after the incident “it was important to leave quickly but without making the bear feel it was in danger. I did not look at it in the eye and the bear understood I was not its enemy.”

Eventually, the bear appears to either lose interest in the boy and bombs down the mountain in a hurry.

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